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68 [논문] Clinical Usefulness of 18F-FC119S Positron-Emission Tomography as an Auxiliary Diagnostic Method for Dementia: An Open-Label, Single-Dose, Evaluator-Blind Clinic… 관리자 작성일22.06.24 조회1,166
67 [논문] 18 F-labeled 1,2,3-triazole-linked Glu-urea-Lys-based PSMA ligands have good pharmacokinetic properties for positron emission tomography imaging of prostate canc 관리자 작성일22.06.24 조회1,181
66 [논문] Early Detection of Aβ Deposition in the 5xFAD Mouse by Amyloid PET. 관리자 작성일22.06.24 조회1,188
65 [논문] Alternative synthesis for the preparation of 16α-[(18) F]fluoroestradiol. 관리자 작성일22.06.24 조회1,148
64 [논문] A microdose clinical trial to evaluate [ 18 F]Florastamin as a positron emission tomography imaging agent in patients with prostate cancer 관리자 작성일22.06.24 조회1,186
63 [논문] A Phase 0 Microdosing PET/CT Study Using O-[18F]Fluoromethyl-d-Tyrosine in Normal Human Brain and Brain Tumor 관리자 작성일22.06.24 조회1,207
62 [논문] Improving Theranostic Gallium-68/Lutetium-177-Labeled PSMA Inhibitors with an Albumin Binder for Prostate Cancer 관리자 작성일22.06.24 조회1,213
61 퓨쳐켐, 美학회서 방사선치료제 'FC705' 연구 결과 3건 발표 관리자 작성일22.06.16 조회1,286
60 퓨쳐켐, 전립선암 치료제 'FC705' 국내 식약처 치료목적 사용 승인 관리자 작성일22.06.14 조회1,284
59 퓨쳐켐, FC705 美 FDA 임상 1/2a상 IND 승인…글로벌 임상 돌입 관리자 작성일22.05.27 조회1,328